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ROCCIA Ceramic tiles

This is where the renaissance of extruded ceramic begins. Short-term success can be controlled – but this story of success cannot be controlled, it evolves. Even so, every success story is controlled by one phenomenon – luck, with the right idea and professional realisation to capture the spirit of the times not just one-time. This bestseller range gives expression to an idea that is timeless in its “spirit of the age”. Mediterranean surface texture is combined with the product advantages of true coarse ceramic. Frost resistance and a variety of trim pieces with a mediterranean relief on a rugged texture – summer flair becomes winterproof, and winterproof takes on a summer flair.
8081 - 833 Corda
705 MDL /m2
24 x 24cm
8031 - 833 Corda
705 MDL /m2
29,4 x 29,4cm
4817 - 833 Corda "Loft" Ступень простая
245 MDL /piece
29.4 x 17.5cm
360 x 240cm

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